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Unbelievable how fast the time flies sometimes. I, nor Kat, have had even a moment to write a single word here since the summer, I think…
I chose tonight to break the cycle. We have had so many more culinary triumphs I don’t even know where to begin. Now, when I say ‘triumphs’, I don’t mean three Michelin star grade food coming out of our kitchen. Simply just damn fine home cookin’ with an always unexpected, yet awesome, tweak during the process that makes something good even better.
Case in point, ‘Browndies”!
Kat and I were contemplating a great nosh over some quality TV sitcoms. “Let’s make brownies”, says Kat. “I would prefer blondies”, I say. Well my friends, why not have both!
We made a terrific brownie recipe we know and love, then a blondie recipe of the same credentials, and swirled the two mixes together and in the oven it went.
About a half hour later we got to enjoy the perfect treat, once they were cool enough to eat! I encourage anyone to give a shout if they need a recipe, though search our older posts. They may be on this blog already!
Thanks to all who read and subscribe:)



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