Battle of the Bulgar

John likes to bring interesting ingredients home from the store. Occasionally, I like them. When he opened the shopping bag to proudly pronounce his purchase of bulgar wheat, I was less than thrilled. He was cooking, though, so I would have to try whatever it is he came up with, and be happy that I didn’t have to cook it.

He cooked up a nice stir fry with the last of our CSA’s greens: bok choy and tat soi. The gorgeous greens, beef and sauce all worked together to make me forget that underneath it all, there was bulgar wheat instead of brown rice. When I remembered, I stuck some of it on my fork with the greens. It wasn’t horrible, so I tried it all by itself. Never mind “not horrible,” it was actually delicious! John had seasoned it with onions, garlic, ginger and citrus and it was the perfect compliment to the asian-style stir fry. The taste was not dissimilar to brown rice and the texture (it’s always the texture that turns me off food) was nice, a lot like short grain rice.

I highly recommend trying Bulgar. A lot of the more nutritious alternatives to rice are more of an acquired taste. Quinoa sounds cool and is easy to cook, but after a few bites, I can’t take the texture. Couscous is all right and fast, but again, the texture gets to me eventually. Barley is good, but really only in soup (for me, again, John loves it). I think Bulgar is similar enough to rice in texture that I can really have it with everything I would otherwise have rice with. Yay nutrition!

Here are some photos of our dinner.


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