As a kid, I remember Thanksgiving being boring. I didn’t like football, the grownups always booted me out and I wasn’t that into sitting and eating for hours (I learned the error of my ways on that one, eventually).
Now that I’m a grown up who loves cooking and eating all day long, I try to remember what it was like for me as a child and think of some ways to keep interesting for my children, as well as my niece and nephew. I remember being in kindergarten and shaking a jar of heavy cream until it was butter. Every student in the class has to shake for one minute until we had butter. And then we all got to taste it on some bread my teacher had brought in. Since it stuck with me, I figured I must have thought it was pretty fun/cool.
I told my niece and nephew the day before that we would be doing a food science experiment on Thanksgiving, without telling them what it was exactly, and they were pretty excited. So excited, in fact, I thought the “truth” would disappoint them, but thankfully it didn’t. We all took turns shaking the jar and after about 20 minutes, we had butter! We had postulated that it would take 30 minutes and it was very exciting to test the theory that cream would make butter when shaken, and the time it would take.
Then, not only did we taste the butter, but John and my nephew tasted the buttermilk!
Here’s a little photo essay of the experience:


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  1. Tina C

    What a fantastic idea! I remember loving this project as a child. I may steal this idea for a Christmas get together

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