The Joys of CSA

John and I joined a CSA this year, in Asbury, NJ. We signed up for a work share (John does the work; he likes to mess about with all the plants and dirt – I like to eat them), and have been getting our first few shares since the beginning of May. Living in a colder zone, our shares right now are all greenhouse and cool weather greens. We have a spicy lettuce mix, big red leafy lettuce, kale and lots and lots of spinach.

So, today I’m going to make my two favorite leafy green recipes: Vegetable Lasagna with a Béchamel Sauce and Spinach Pie. The Lasagna is my own recipe (and dead easy) but the Spinach Pie comes courtesy of Kraft’s recipe site. I usually don’t have a puff pastry shell hanging around, so I whip up a “crust” of breadcrumbs and butter that I parbake for about 15 minutes and let cool a little before filling. However, I was cleaning out the fridge and found some miscellaneous dough, which I vaguely remembered being this easy puff pastry, so I thought I’d give that a try. I also should note that I do NOT serve it with tomato sauce. I think that would be very icky.

While I’m not cutting into either right now, I can show you the finished project! The plan is to freeze these and reheat them when I have no time to cook (presumably when the new baby arrives.) So when we cut into them, I’ll update with photos.

For the lasagna, I don’t really use a recipe, but I chop and prep whatever veggies I have on hand, make a béchamel sauce, and use no boil noodles. I layer sauce, noodles, veg, mozzarella cheese, sauce, noodles, sauce and cheese. I also had a few tomatoes that needed to be used, so I chopped and cooked the greens and then layered them with the tomatoes. Since there were leftover tomatoes, I stuck some on top, too. See:



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2 responses to “The Joys of CSA

  1. Oooh, they sure do look good! I wish I had freezer space so I could cook like this and freeze for later.

    • We have a second fridge in the basement – it’s a life saver! A friend was getting rid of an old one; I’m sure it’s not the most energy efficient, but it works!

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