Making Good Choices

When my toddler looks like she’s about get into trouble, I give her choices, both of which end up being what I want her to do, usually. When she makes a bad choice, it’s because she has ignored the others. Tonight, I was faced with a choice. What to make for dinner? We have a ton of food in the fridge/pantry/freezer, most of it healthy but there is a barbeque chicken frozen California Pizza Kitchen Pizza in there, too.

And, although I wanted to heat that sucker up and chow down, I made a good choice. And, I think, a good meal: Pan Fried Trout, Spiced Lentils and sauteed Bok Choy.

I got recipe for the lentils from a British Food Magazine I picked up a while ago called Good Food:

Fish with Spiced Lentils

I’ve been having a conscience issue with fish lately, ever since hearing an interview on NPR about how our seas are being overfished. This is tough because John and I try to eat healthy and fish is pretty important in a healthy diet. So, when I saw some great looking farm raised trout, I knew it was the way to go. I followed the instructions for cooking the fish, starting with a super hot pan and cooking it skin side down most of the way, then a flip just to cook the non skin side. It took about 8 minutes for a fairly large fillet.

For the Bok Choy, I sauteed a small onion with young garlic that we got from our CSG (our second share of the year was lettuce, spinach, young garlic, spicy greens, swiss chard and kale) and added the bok choy, sauteed until almost done, then tossed in a splash of soy sauce, a bit of lime zest and a pinch of salt.

Here are some photos:


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