Malted and Salted caramel Coffee Ice Cream!


Malted and Salted Caramel Coffee Ice Cream!

Yes, it sounds like a mouthful. But you will want many mouthfuls of this ice cream. It is so easy and delicious! It does not require any cooking, or tempering of eggs. In fact, there aren’t any eggs at all. All it requires is an immersion blender, preferably, or even a whisk will do….and an ice cream machine, of course.

Almost forgot, you will need dulce de leche made first! It does take a while. The good news is that if you make a bunch of it, it keeps for a very long time. The labor intensity factor is just about zero, as well.

Dulce de Leche:

Sweetened condensed milk     1-4 cans (14 oz each)

Remove the labels, but keep cans sealed.  Place as many as you can fit in your crock pot style slow cooker. (Mine fits four cans.)

Pour water in until it comes up about an inch or more over the tops of the cans.

Replace the lid.

Set to four hour setting and walk away.

I usually do this overnight and they are ready the next morning. It is ok if they sit for a while afterwards to cool down in the water.

Alternately, if you do not possess a crock pot, you can do this in a large pot of water. You just have to keep an eye on it to make sure the water level does not drop below the tops of the cans, and that the bottoms of the cans are not directly under the flame.

The slow cooker method is bulletproof!

Keep the sealed cans in the fridge until ready to use for at least a month.

To make the ice cream:


Skim milk                1 ½ cups

Espresso, brewed      ½ cup

Coffee extract          1 tbsp

Vanilla extract            2 tsp

Dulce de leche        1 can (14 oz)

Malted milk powder  6-8 tbsp

Salt                             1 tsp

Stabilizer                      1 tsp

Heavy cream               2 cups

Combine first set of ingredients and blend, until smooth.

Combine the second set of ingredients, then blend into the first set for at least 30 secs.

Blend in heavy cream.

Taste for saltiness, and maltiness. Adjust as desired.

Let mature for about 4-6 hours, OR immediately process in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.

You will not be disappointed!



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3 responses to “Malted and Salted caramel Coffee Ice Cream!

  1. PS…
    if you want to make this even easier, you can use sweetened condensed milk straight out of the can!
    The dulce de leche makes it soo much better though; if you have the time to make it ahead.

  2. sounds tasty!
    thank you for sharing =)

    and coffee lover, check my mars coffee recipe *.*

    best wishes.

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