Thai Fish and Jasmine Rice

We bought some Tilapia this week because it was on sale and we thought after the fried chicken we would TRY to prepare something healthy. Generally, I prepare fish two ways – bread and bake or steam in a foil packet with veggies. That seemed a bit boring, so I searched my favorite recipe site, Recipezaar and found this recipe for Thai Inspired Fish.

It was easy to prepare and definitely something different for fish, which can be a bit boring. We also tried Jasmine rice for the first time and I think I either messed up cooking it or it’s just not a very good Jasmine rice (Goya brand) because I read that it’s supposed to be fluffy like Basmati, but it was most definitely sticky. I did prepare it exactly according to the package instructions, though. Have you made Jasmine rice before? Is there a brand you like? Any advice for us?

The accompanying salad was a mix of julienne carrot, apple, and jicama, with baby greens and a citrus vinaigrette.

Ps… I would have preferred a sweeter and creamier curry sauce. I would recommend using a little extra coconut milk, and/or perhaps coco lopez. Otherwise, it was spot on.



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2 responses to “Thai Fish and Jasmine Rice

  1. Do you use a rice cooker? We usually buy jasmine rice (can’t think of the brand since I dump it in a tub) but it always comes out nice in the cooker. Definitely not sticky.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    No, we don’t use a rice cooker. Unfortunately, we don’t have any space for more gadgets so we make it the old fashioned way.

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