Snow Delay

Hello everyone! All right, that post wasn’t delayed because of the snow, rather life and stuff. Sorry to mislead you!

Way back on Sunday, though, we DID whip up a batch of homemade Sicilian pizza, crumpets and some box mix funfetti Valentine’s cupcakes. Now, don’t get me wrong, making delicious stuff from scratch is our thing, BUT I personally can never resist a  box of holiday themed confetti cake mix. So, when it was about a dollar at the store, I got it, and when we had some time, Lily and I made it together. I took the opportunity to use my cupcake tips, which I bought a while ago but haven’t had a chance to use. We had fun and they are pretty delicious! There’s a photo below.

Now, on to the “real” stuff. I lived in England for a brief while (twice) and though I was a poor college student and never baked, I bought plenty of store made crumpets. Whenever I see them state-side, I buy them. John had them a while ago with me and he really enjoyed them. Whenever John likes something, he immediately seeks a way to make them at home! (I’m slightly more lazy about it). He decided Sunday was the day, armed with a recipe from The Professional Pastry Chef by  Bo Friberg. And they came out rather delicious! We had to adjust the heat and try a few different things in order to get them to flip without spilling, actually get those little crumpet nooks, and keep the bottom from burning, but by the third batch, I think we had it down. First, we followed the instructions, then John tried putting the pan in the oven to finish the tops, but in the end, lowering the heat and being patient was the key to a nicely browned bottom, a holey top and that crumpetty inside texture that’s cooked all the way through but somehow still moist.

After spending the day playing with our little one, I started a batch of my Nonna’s pizza dough. Now, I could share the recipe, but it’s one of those recipes that says things like one cup of flour plus more for the right consistency, which means 5 cups of flour. So, if you’d like to learn it, come on over and I’ll teach you – it’s the only way!

It is the best, though, if you enjoy thick, crusty pizza. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.



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6 responses to “Snow Delay

  1. Margaret

    BEST Sicilian Pie EVER! We make it all the time!

  2. Brittany

    Ooh I’d love to learn how to make the pizza crust…we’ve been looking for a good one. Also the cupcake tips…are you using just regular cake decorating tips or certain ones?

    Also gotta question for you in addition to those chinese recipes….do you have any good recipes for pork chops other than the one you posted? Giant had pork chops bulk pack cheap the other week and i’d rather not continue to eat them the same way.

    Thanks a million and keep on posting! Love this blog

    • Hi Brittany,
      Come over one day and I’ll show you how to make that pizza crust and also a quick, “regular” crust we use often. The cupcake tips are actually called cupcake tips – they’re bigger so they give that fluffy, swirly cupcake look much more easily than regular cake tips. I bought this kit at MIchaels. I love that is has a long tip to fill cupcakes, even though we haven’t used it yet.
      I’ll have to get back to you on the pork chops – it’s not something we have often. Check out, we get a lot of great recipes from there.
      Thanks for commenting!
      I’ll make sure John makes some Chinese food this week, and maybe I’ll even make my fried rice.

  3. cecily

    This post is the most delicious post yet! Pizza! Cupcakes! Pancakes!!!!

  4. OK….August is soon! Save me a cupcake, please! ❤

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