Dinner Out

John and I had the luxury of going out to try a new restaurant last night, thanks to my wonderful sister, who kept Lily overnight for us! John has been craving Indian food since we narrowly missed lunch at Chand Palace in Parsippany, NJ last weekend. He found a place in Somerset called Hoysala, which features Southern Indian cuisine, something we had not had the pleasure to experience before. Hoysala features a dinner buffet (or you can order off the menu) every night of the week except Monday (when they’re closed).

It’s a nice restaurant with a large party room, and is family friendly. They have a reputation for hot food and although I am usually a heat-chicken, we decided to both get the buffet since we didn’t know what anything was! The food was spicy, but so flavorful the heat was worth it!

Last night’s buffet offered almost everything on the menu, and was a great way to explore the regional cuisine for the first time. The server also kept bring out different types of breads: dosa, roti and poori. My tingling tongue was grateful for each one of these!

Our favorites of the night were the onion pakoda – an onion fritter, uddin-vada – a lentil doughnut, andhra chicken biryani – a chicken with rice dish, a potato dish that I can’t recall the name of or pick it out on the menu – it was our favorite, though, with saffron or turmeric, cumin, curry leaves, coriander seeds, and tasted a lot like the filling for samosas, and John’s favorite was Spinach Lentil Thouve – spinach cooked with lentils, green chilies, and a lot of hot hot spices (I was not brave enough to try it!).

I would go back here for the buffet (and the breads!) but I’m not sure there is any one dish off the menu that I’d want to eat a full portion of.


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