The Sweet Lime

Hello folks,

On a recent outing to a Whole Foods market in Madison, NJ, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a lemon, near a basket of dried ancho chile peppers I was to use for a home made batch of chicken enchiladas. When I approached the young fella tending to the produce and asked about it, he explained that it was, in fact, a lime….a sweet lime.

I immediately thought this was a pretty interesting find, as I really do enjoy discovering new and exciting varieties of just about anything…especially fruit.  The boy offered me a slice to try.  After first dismissing the fact that this should taste tangy and citrusy by appearance, I then went in for a bite.

People, I have only one thing to tell you about this new discovery:

If Lemon Pledge furniture polish were derived from a fruit, it would be this one.

As tearing it open releases the oils in the skin, you are introduced to an purely organic lemon pledge smell.  Upon delving further into the fruit, it has absolutely zero acidity whatsoever, and a mild limoncello sans alcohol taste.

I suppose you could use the rind, and /or zest to make homemade limoncello, but for the price of $1 per piece, I would stick to regular lemons, adding sweetener as necessary.

So if you should ever come across this fruit in your travels,  you have a heads up.  If you’re looking for a really nice change from an ordinary lemon, try meyer lemons next time.  Some Costcos carry them right now.  Substitute in just about anything calling for regular lemons.  You will be in for a nice surprise!


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