Pizza Night!

We tried to have pizza night last Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too well, so we postponed it and it’s finally here again! John decided to try out a dough recipe that he’s been holding on to for a while. We both love pizza, but there’s a big thing that separate us: John loves crispy thin crusts and I grew up loving and still love thick, chewy Sicilian style pizza. Another separation is that I am more than happy with my pizza recipe – my Nonna made it, my mother makes it and my sister and I make it – and John is constantly searching for a better recipe.

Tonight’s pizza looked gorgeous, but for me, it could have had more flavor. I’m sure John will still be searching, and next pizza night is going to be Sicilian style. Maybe while John looks for the best recipe, we’ll explore and re-explore some our favorite thin crust pizza joints. We’ll make sure to write blogs about that!

If you have a recipe that you think is the best ever thin crust, share it with us: we’ll try it out and post the results here!



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4 responses to “Pizza Night!

  1. Margaret

    too funny. yeah. i’m with you kat. our nonna’s recipe kicks the most arse.
    i do enjoy a thin crust though, so when john finds it pass it on! (esp. since it’s tradionally called Pizza Margherita!)

  2. Laura Tessier

    Even Grandma Lucy (and now Bob & I) use your Nonna’s recipe! Best I’ve ever had.

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