I subscribe to the e-mail list for King Arthur Flour. We love their products, and their recipes are often very cool looking. For Christmas, we made these: Cherry Almond Brownies (with a few revisions) and it worked out great, so when I saw: Faux-Reos I knew I had to make them! Not only do I love Oreos, but they are the cookie of choice for my husband and daughter.

I think they turned out all right. What do you think?

My family came over tonight, and it was my mom’s first taste of Mexican food, though I don’t know how authentic our version is (yummy yes, but we are not trained in Mexican food). It was my mom’s first taste of Mexican food. After the meal, I had mentioned the word “enchilada” and mom looked at me. “Those were enchiladas?” She asked me, just a little incredulously, to which I replied “Yup.” “Oh, they were good,” she said surprised. Thanks, mom, I was going to feed you poison, but decided on enchiladas instead.

For dessert, to accompany enchiladas that I made, John made a tres leches cake. It is incredible! Seriously, you’re jealous that you weren’t able to come over. If you want to make it yourself, John’s going to post the recipe.

I (John)wanted to make  something appropriate that I have never tried before.

So I reached out to  fellow pastry protege Michael Zebrowski, of the illustrious French Culinary Insititute, for a ‘very kick ass’ Tres Leches Cake. Very kick ass it was!

And here’s the recipe for all you dessert adventure loving folks at home:

First off, bake a ten inch cake, preferably white or yellow, of your own preference.  Cool , then slice into two or three layers. In this case, I used two.

Next, The Tres Leches!

Tres Leches Cake

Makes one ten inch cake…

  • Whole milk             1 liter
  • Cinnamon sticks  2
  • Lemon zest            3/4 each
  • Lime zest                3/4 each
  • Orange zest            3/4 each
  • Vanilla beans        2
  • Star anise                1 1/2 pieces
  • Evaporated milk  750 ml
  • Condensed milk    750 ml
  • gelatin                       6 silver sheets, or 14 g by weight


Scald whole milk, zests and spices.

Add the other two milks.

Reduce, simmering, approximately half an hour, or until the mixture takes on a very light caramel color.

Remove from heat immediately.

Add bloomed gelatin and strain.

Let cool slightly, then pour some into bottom of a plastic wrap lined ten inc cake pan.

Place one cake layer on top, soak completely with mix. Repeat until all cake and mix is used up.

It’s alright if the cake layers are swimming in the mix. The gelatin will do its thing once cooled.

Place in fridge overnight, or at least 6 hours to set.

Unmold and serve with desired accompaniments.



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4 responses to “Sweet!

  1. Margaret

    It was all very yummy indeed! Mom’s reaction was hysterical! The kids gobbled them down too!

  2. Heather

    The cake was amazing! Definitly reminded me of a ladyfinger flavor. I can not wait to try the enchilada tomorrow for lunch. Thank you:)

  3. Cecily

    Those Feux-reos look soooooo good! And speaking as someone who doesn’t like chocolate, that’s sayin’ somethin’. I think I’m gonna try to make them! Also, in the words of 1997, Tre Leches cake is “the bomb”!

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